Battlegroup 42 Patch Release

Hello everyone and welcome to the first news on On this edition we’d like to announce that our sister mod for Battlefield 1942, Battlegroup 42, has recently released their patch 1.61 which updates the latest BG42 release and adds some new content like the VW Typ87 (also available for BGF), more weapons and even two additional maps.

With that said, make sure to install the 1.61 release to be up to date! Game events on the official BG42 server take place on every Wednesday and Sunday at 0800pm GMT+1. Download links for the BG42 1.61 patch are below this news.

We like to thank you for reading, and of course, hope you enjoy BG42 1.61.

Download Client Files
Download Server Files
Original News on the Battlegroup42 Website